David L. Ferstendig, currently a member of Law Offices of David L. Ferstendig, LLC, New York, was a founding officer of the law firm Breindel & Ferstendig, P.C. He litigates a spectrum of civil and commercial matters, including breach of contract, products liability, toxic tort, insurance and reinsurance coverage, jewelers' block, political risk, environmental liability, trade secret, and professional indemnity.

Mr. Ferstendig is an adjunct law professor at Brooklyn Law School and New York Law School, where he teaches New York Practice. He is the General Editor of Weinstein, Korn & Miller New York Civil Practice: CPLR (LexisNexis), the premier 15-volume litigation treatise cited regularly as authoritative by New York state and federal courts; author of Ferstendig, Chase New York CPLR Manual (LexisNexis) and LexisNexis AnswerGuide New York Civil Litigation; and General Editor of CPLR Practice Insights, published in New York Consolidated Laws Service (LexisNexis).

He has written articles for the New York Law Journal; authored a law review article entitled: "A Practitioner's Continued Uncertainty: Disclosure from Nonparties," 74 ALB. L. REV. 731 (2010/2011); and was a panelist at New York University School of Law in March 2013 for the symposium entitled "The CPLR at Fifty: Its Past, Present, and Future", which resulted in the publication of his remarks, "The CPLR: A Practitioner's Perspective."

Mr. Ferstendig has co-authored two law review articles with New York University School of Law Professor Emeritus Oscar Chase entitled: "Chief Judge Kaye: Improving the Pace and Integration of Litigation," 92 N.Y.U. L. REV. 11 (2017); and "Should Counsel for a Non-Party Deponent be a 'Potted Plant'?", 2014 N.Y.U. J. Legis. Pub. Pol'y Quorum 52.

He is also an Adjunct Professor of Law at New York Law School, where he teaches New York Practice. He has lectured on civil practice issues for the New York City Bar, New York Judicial Institute, and LexisNexis.

Mr. Ferstendig has provided expert testimony interpreting the meaning and application of New York law; has been quoted as an expert on legal procedure in New York in The Washington Post; and has been consulted as an expert and submitted briefs to the New York State Court of Appeals and other courts.

He was a 2015 and 2011 recipient of New York Law School's Otto L. Walter Distinguished Writing Award.

A graduate of New York University School of Law, Mr. Ferstendig has lectured on civil practice issues for bar associations, the New York State Judicial Institute and LexisNexis, among others. He is a member and past Chair of the CPLR Committee for the New York State Bar Association. Effective with the May 2015 edition, Mr. Ferstendig became the Editor of the New York State Law Digest. He was selected by the New York State Board of Law Examiners to be a faculty member presenting Civil Practice and Procedure to bar examination candidates as part of the New York law course.
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